Quadratic Formula = Done!

I have been remiss in notifying you all of our progress in math. Upon arrival, one of my responsibilities was to teach two math courses: Business Mathematics to Bobby Wright and Algebra I to Mary and Kipsy Wright. It has been some few weeks now since we completed our courses!

The Business Mathematics course included simplified accounting and personal finance management. We walked through the famous accounting equation (Assets = Liabilities + Capital) familiarizing ourselves with each category. Then we proceeded onto the aspects of personal budgeting and tax paying. In addition we covered, various types of potential investments. We summed up the course with a project recording, analysing and tracking the family’s expenses. I hope that I have made another Excel fan!

In Algebra I we studied everything from the quadratic formula (anybody remember that one?), charactistics of square roots and powers, to formulas for calculating accumulated interest. The power properties even made their way into a few punny jokes.

I am glad to say that although I embarked on this particular adventure with much trepidation I now leave it behind with many fond memories. A warm thanks to the students and parents alike for being patient with me and allowing us to learn together. We are now in the midst of a summary of Geometry before my excelling students leave me for Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in August where I expect they will have no trouble distinguishing themselves.

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