O Ye of Little Faith »

A mustard seed. I tried to pick up just one. Flesh on flesh lacked the dexterity. I pressed my finger firmly down upon it, hoping skin’s oil a strong enough adhesive. Then I rolled it gently between my fingers. Just this big. Unfettered, unadulterated, unbridled faith. Then it fell from my delicate grasp and disappeared […]
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Job, the Beloved »

Suffering. We’re all acquainted with it in some form. It is acute to anyone who’s humanity began in Eden, the perfection we were made for and will never experience in this life. Death, disease, neglect, poverty, these things simply were not, but now they are and there’s no escaping them. That does not mean, however, […]
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A Case for Advent »

Uganda has about ten Christmas songs. Anywhere you go in town or village, you will hear the same ten songs (Holly Holiday, Born on Christmas Day, Jinger [sic] Bells, etc.) over and over again. At Akisyon a Yesu, the staff started the Christmas disc on daily rotation sometime in early November. More recently, members of […]
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AYPC Grand Opening! »

Yesterday we hosted 200+ people at the grand opening of the clinic, Akisyon a Yesu Presbyterian Clinic (AYPC)! Although we moved to the new location a few months ago, there were still many final details to complete, and celebrating with the community was the last! We were blessed to have a variety of people in […]
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Sister Under Siege »

“Lord God, thank you for Margi going to hospital, for healing, for getting better…” This was how Carmel prayed for dinner last night. I sat there with bubbling emotions as she finished, thanking the Lord for play dates, food and her little sister. She did not know what she had done. She had prayed in […]
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Faith Comes By Hearing »

The pews were full. I was a few minutes later than usual. Maybe the children were particularly cantankerous while getting ready, maybe I woke up late, or early and lost track of gained time, maybe it was simply another morning. I don’t remember now. Carmel had gone ahead with Christopher, extra chairs and the pulpit. […]
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Opening Day!!! »

Today, operations opened at our new clinic location!! All last week and over the weekend, Christopher directed the move. The mission and clinic staff took part, whether it was packing up the items in their workspace, driving loaded trucks, posting pictures, or cleaning rooms. This morning began with devotions in the new waiting room, where […]
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Bees »

Bees. Bees in the house, in the visitors’ luggage. Bees on the floor, in your hair and now in the new clinic building. Bees. They’re swarming and dying everywhere. Bees. I’m no bee keeper so I’ve been content thus far to wonder at their strange behavior. Why are they staying outside the hive at night? […]
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Letters, Numbers and New Faces »

We have been blessed this summer with a handful of visitors. Lydia, Mia, Eden, Sombre and Rediet are here for a short time this summer. They arrived a few weeks ago and we are already enjoying them immensely. They are doing everything from watching children, cooking meals, doing dishes, going to Bible Studies in the […]
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