Faith Comes By Hearing »

The pews were full. I was a few minutes later than usual. Maybe the children were particularly cantankerous while getting ready, maybe I woke up late, or early and lost track of gained time, maybe it was simply another morning. I don’t remember now. Carmel had gone ahead with Christopher, extra chairs and the pulpit. […]
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Opening Day!!! »

Today, operations opened at our new clinic location!! All last week and over the weekend, Christopher directed the move. The mission and clinic staff took part, whether it was packing up the items in their workspace, driving loaded trucks, posting pictures, or cleaning rooms. This morning began with devotions in the new waiting room, where […]
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Bees »

Bees. Bees in the house, in the visitors’ luggage. Bees on the floor, in your hair and now in the new clinic building. Bees. They’re swarming and dying everywhere. Bees. I’m no bee keeper so I’ve been content thus far to wonder at their strange behavior. Why are they staying outside the hive at night? […]
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Letters, Numbers and New Faces »

We have been blessed this summer with a handful of visitors. Lydia, Mia, Eden, Sombre and Rediet are here for a short time this summer. They arrived a few weeks ago and we are already enjoying them immensely. They are doing everything from watching children, cooking meals, doing dishes, going to Bible Studies in the […]
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Headless Chicken Alert »

Presently the phrase, “running around like a chicken with its head cut off” seems to typify too well our life. Certain seasons of life have this texture of frenetic, seemingly erratic activity. It changes our concept of need and rest, helps us to better understand our limitations and our abilities. And often drives you to […]
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Easter Lamb »

“Are you having sheep in your place?” “No, there are no sheep on my side. You should ask Akol. He is the one managing that species.” And thus began my search for an Easter lamb. I had seen them grazing in the fields around our home, so I thought it would be easy. Three people […]
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Girls’ Day Out »

I don’t get out much. I don’t own a vehicle here and public transport is questionable. The fastest most direct way to get places is on the back of a motorcycle. We are not yet letting our 11 month old and toddler ride those! When we go down country for supplies or airport trips, we […]
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A Night in the Life of… »

Zion had just stopped crying when the phone rang. Christopher had just started softly snoring; I had to nudge him awake. The ring pealed through the night offending the preceding silence. It was Johnson, our on-call clinician at the clinic. There was an emergency, Christopher was needed now. When the doctor left Karamoja late 2015 […]
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Puzzling »

“Do you know what lying is, Carmel?” Christopher asked our daughter one day when she was intentionally being allusive. “Rooooaaar!” was her response. We had to hide our laughs behind our hands, before beginning the proper explanation of this strain of sin. It comes so naturally to us as parents to teach our children about […]
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