Opio Joseph

Posted by: Christopher on January 12, 2015 @ 4:41 pm

When asked in the fourth membership vow if he believed Jesus is Lord and if he promised to serve him faithfully, Opio, not content with a short ‘Yes,’ struck out on his own and said ‘Yes I do and with God helping me I do promise.’¬†The fervor with which he replied was itself a statement of how seriously he hopes to be in his commitment. Opio comes to us by way of the Church of Uganda, where he has been a member since he was a teenager. While he is not Karimojong, he is married to a Karimojong woman (who we hope also to receive soon) and has lived in ¬†Karamoja for many years. Pray for him as he trains his four children. Pray that he would be good father and a faithful husband. Pray that God would use him as a testimony of his grace to those who live nearby (in a place called Lokoona). Pray that his faith would not fail.

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