Opening Day!!!

Today, operations opened at our new clinic location!! All last week and over the weekend, Christopher directed the move. The mission and clinic staff took part, whether it was packing up the items in their workspace, driving loaded trucks, posting pictures, or cleaning rooms. This morning began with devotions in the new waiting room, where the dawning sun makes the clinic’s sign glow.

Christopher still has a few weeks of refurbishing containers for on-call housing, demolishing portions of the old clinic to repurpose the roof, and other miscellaneous tasks (like a sign for bathrooms), but today marks many months of hard work. Today we enjoy a portion of the reward! May the gospel go forth in this place, may it be guarded by the Spirit, may God be glorified!

Stay tuned for pictures.

Posted by: Chloe on August 28, 2017 @ 2:03 pm
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