O Ye of Little Faith

A mustard seed. I tried to pick up just one. Flesh on flesh lacked the dexterity. I pressed my finger firmly down upon it, hoping skin’s oil a strong enough adhesive. Then I rolled it gently between my fingers. Just this big. Unfettered, unadulterated, unbridled faith. Then it fell from my delicate grasp and disappeared on the floor, or counter, final location unknown. How often am I reminded that I have more in common with the man who cried, “I believe! Help my unbelief!” than a mustard seed full of faith? Thankfully the Spirit is not limited by the boundaries of our faith. The Spirit is an all-consuming fire.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about our church’s fluctuating attendance. Not an uncommon occurrence in any church. The following week we experienced an influx of about 30-50 people that began coming every week from the same village of Nakasien. It is located near the road we drive to pick up faithful members from Namalu and Natarum, two nearby towns. They began to pack the vehicles to bursting with this crowd, mostly children but a few adults too. It quickly became clear that this was not sustainable so the pastors, Dave Okken and David Robbins, wisely began a new Sunday service in that very village. It is led each week by two Karimojong men who study the sermon and service given at Nakaale and then take it to Nakasien. This means now there are three services every Sunday in three different locations: Nakaale, Akuwam and Nakasien. Not only have we begun services in a new location, but we’ve also welcomed eleven new members and baptized four children and one adult.

Recently, the pastors also began an outreach to the elders and traditional leaders of the community. In the Lord’s providence He has brought two older men, Loduk Peter and Loyep Daudi, into our congregation. They are constantly a blessing in their faith, humility and graciousness. Coupled with their testimony, the old men seem to finally be receiving the gospel story they’ve heard so many times before.

I write of these events being humbled by our part. We can tick off a list of responsibilities fulfilled, people reached, bible studies taught, projects completed, but none of them are a guarantee or even a healthy barometer of our success as missionaries. We pray that the gospel will go forth, that His kingdom will increase, while also praying for our own faith to strengthen, for our hearts to be sanctified, thankful that we are servants of a mighty, infinitely wise God. Please join us in prayer for these believers. May their faith never fail. May the Spirit descend on Karamoja in undeniable majestic ways. May the seed grow into a tree that bears fruit a thousand fold.

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  1. Much praise to God is going up on this side of the globe!

    Comment by The Mum — January 26, 2018 @ 1:36 am

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