Carmel Plays with a Cobra »

Caught your attention? Good. We’ll get to that cobra business presently. For now, let’s just start reading at the beginning. Where do the days go? If there isn’t a sudden shortage of some important medicine or emergency maintenance request, there’s a regular stream of conflicting vacation requests to deal with, or a disciplinary matter, or […]
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The Everyday »

There is a chill in Karamoja that creeps up the sheets from your toes to your nose. It tingles and delights in the surprise of its mere existence. It makes me smile every time, and then, almost without fail, I wonder if I put enough clothes on Carmel since when I put her to bed […]
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New Year’s News! »

We’ll be adding a new pair of boots to the family in 2016! We are due late April, but let’s just be honest and say that the baby probably won’t show its head until May.  There has been no ultra sound yet, so I can’t tell you if it is a boy or girl. Stay […]
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Hats & Denial »

You may be tempted to think that by our recent silence there is simply nothing to tell. That is far from the truth! We’re in the midst of many transitions which has resulted in the proliferation of a tower of different hats, steadfast denial and very busy days! We are very sad to be saying […]
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The Weeds »

I often find myself lost in the midst of weeds and I wonder if I’ve drunk the wrong bottle from Alice’s wonderland or if the forest itself is somehow bewitched. I push past the everyday maze of Ugandan English to find its seeds sticking to my socks, continuing to mystify, mortify and edify me with […]
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When we aren’t too busy being super missionaries, we attempt to scale mount Kadam. Saturday was our best attempt yet, with hopes that we will finally reach the top on October 9. Here we are looking into the valley at the top of the mountain. The peak is the rounded hill in the distance lit […]
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Come, Ye Thankful People, Come »

Come ye thankful people come, raise the song of harvest home: all is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin; God, our Maker doth provide for our wants to be supplied: come to God’s own temple, come, raise the song of harvest home. The harvest moon comes a bit early in Karamoja. We don’t […]
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We Are Not for Milking »

The news of livestock in one of the mission’s planted fields always rouses a certain excitement. The thrill of the chase. This thrill quickly gives way to tall grass raking the legs and burrs falling into the boots and finally descends into a series of vague imprecations upon the owner of said animals as we […]
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The Cry Goes Up How Long »

Two deaths this week for two families of church members, employees, and friends (and it’s only Thursday). Sunday, the young niece of Acia Nicholas died. Months ago, the mission helped to get her to Mbale where she had a brain tumor removed. And while she recovered from the surgery, she struggled afterward with ongoing illness […]
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