Girls’ Day Out »

I don’t get out much. I don’t own a vehicle here and public transport is questionable. The fastest most direct way to get places is on the back of a motorcycle. We are not yet letting our 11 month old and toddler ride those! When we go down country for supplies or airport trips, we […]
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A Night in the Life of… »

Zion had just stopped crying when the phone rang. Christopher had just started softly snoring; I had to nudge him awake. The ring pealed through the night offending the preceding silence. It was Johnson, our on-call clinician at the clinic. There was an emergency, Christopher was needed now. When the doctor left Karamoja late 2015 […]
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Puzzling »

“Do you know what lying is, Carmel?” Christopher asked our daughter one day when she was intentionally being allusive. “Rooooaaar!” was her response. We had to hide our laughs behind our hands, before beginning the proper explanation of this strain of sin. It comes so naturally to us as parents to teach our children about […]
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Returning to the Harvest »

“When you are not the parent, you love the sound of a baby crying. When you are the parent, it is hard to see that having a crying baby is a blessing from God”. This is the wisdom I received from a Ugandan friend, after I apologized for how much my children had cried through […]
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Four Years! »

Thank you all for your prayers and care over the years! We can hardly believe that we’ve been serving in Karamoja for four years. Much has happened in that time. To mention a few, we’ve had two children, Christopher has changed hats two or three times, my financial responsibilities have increased, two missionary families have […]
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The Church Responds »

In my last blog, I wrote about a family of three generations of women. They’re kind, faithful, gracious and entirely destitute. They’ve lived in a state of hunger for who knows how long. The extremity of their situation was recently brought to light by a case of malaria that brought the eight-year old to tears […]
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Three Souls »

They were singing so softly I couldn’t discern the words. The sound seeped into the late morning, the fields around us and now abides sweetly in the memory. Carmel peered back at me over the shoulders of Loupe Vicky who insisted on carrying the obviously tired toddler back from the village. What had begun as […]
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Another Everyday Miracle »

Zion Astraea Verdick was born April 24, 2016 at 7:57 pm (EAT) weighing 7.5 lbs. Before becoming a mother I used to scoff slightly at the phrase “everyday miracle” when referring to having children. I was not the little girl who dreamed about growing up, getting married and having kids. I wanted to travel and […]
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Barf Well, A Blessing »

Monday we left Karamoja. Monday, I was 39 weeks along. Monday, we had one of the first muddy, go-off-roading-around-stuck-trucks drive of the year thus far. Despite the excitement, I did not go into labor and we are now installed in a small home in Kampala. Until now, the waiting for baby has been a background […]
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