January Summary

The problem with enjoying writing is that I simply cringe anytime I need to post just an update without any of the beauty that makes writing fun. And then it gets put off again and again until the news is stale. Well, here’s to a blog without any frills that isn’t quite yet compost.

January was a busy month for us. Christopher worked with two visitors, Raun Treible and James Benefiel, on preparing the houses for the two new families arriving later this month. He picked them up at the airport, bought supplies, directed their skilled hands and often spent the afternoon crawling through the attic enjoying the hunt for improvements. We are so very thankful for these two men who blessed us with their gifts, their fellowship and their time. I don’t know what we would have done without them!!

Christopher was also able to climb Mount Kadam with Dave and Jacob Okken. While he was summiting the mountain, the girls and I went on our own hike. With the help of Angela Voskuil and Megan Okken, we managed a four mile hike into the foothills of Mt Kadam, where we were treated to a beautiful view and an inside look at a set for an upcoming film by our very own MK Productions!

I spent a few days in Mbale assisting our teammates there with financial procedures and training for the recently begun Reformation Book Room. You can buy coffee, scones and reading is always free! I was privileged to work with Connie Jackson and Robinah Magala on the project and am happy to say that I think we’re all still friends!

I also wrapped up the final catch-up data entry for our transition to Quickbooks and have begun focusing on the reports and interpretation of data side of the transition. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! Accounting transitions seem to be timeless, as in they never seem to end, but the light is finally at the end of the tunnel. I’m already enjoying the increased functionality.

Travel made many of these events more, shall we say, faith building. Christopher took advantage of all the activity to figure out the 3am matatu (van public transport) to Mbale and a third party driver back to Karamoja. Upon my return to Karamoja after the week of finances, our vehicle broke down hallway between the tarmac and home. Dave Okken and I spent a few hours on the side of the road throwing out the names of car parts like we knew what we were talking about (“definitely the tie rod!”), thanking the Lord we were both safe and frankly quite blessed at how quickly the situation was resolved; a mechanic came from Mbale, jerry rigged the car and took it back for repairs while David Robbins picked us up and took us home. These events and the liberal way in which I buy eggs in Namalu, remind me that Karamoja is a different place than when we arrived in 2012. I already find myself marveling at the olden days and the ever constant change.

Please pray with us as we look forward to welcoming Mark and Carla VanEssendelft with their eight children and Flip and Anneloes Baardman, who are expecting their first! Pray that the transition will be smooth. May the Lord give us unity of heart and spirit! May His word go forth!


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  1. A very tasty “no frills” blog indeed!!
    We will be praying for a smooth and blessed transition for the Essendelfts and Baardmans; God’s answers to your on-going prayers for the advancing kingdom in Karamoja.

    Comment by Trudy — February 11, 2018 @ 7:34 pm

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