Cut Off: The Reality

Not yet! The Wright family made it safely back to Karamoja from Mbale. The rumored broken bridge has eroded on one side, but is still cautiously passable by all types of vehicles. That makes two partly broken bridges with water running over them (and I thought the water was supposed to go under the bridge, silly me!). We continue to get heavy rains in the evenings and/or nights which is continuing to supply the corpulent creeks. In addition, many of the waterways have carved ravines over the years, so it is not such a simple thing to simply cross in another place or to get out should you be the lucky one to be crossing when the bridge actually does break.

The issue now is who will fix the bridges. In previous years, the marble company who’s overloaded trucks traverse the road regularly creating deep ruts and issues would fix the road and bridges. However, the marble company has since sold its trucks and now hires independent contractors to transport its material. Therefore, it no longer sees itself as responsible for the majority of the damage and hence the repair. The government… well let’s just say it isn’t Santa’s toy factory working tirelessly day and night for the joy of pleasing its populace. It continues to see the repairs as the responsibility of the marble company.

It’s a cliff hanger! Will the mission get cut off? Who will eventually fix the bridges? Will it be in time? You’ll have to wait for part three to find out!

(The projected release of part three is Spring 2013.)

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