nakaale church

Eleper Emmy »

Emmy is the local photographer for big events (like that creepy guy who took your prom photos—minus the giant mustache and the creepiness) (more…)

Abura Florence »

Florence, the wife of Emmy, has been a member of our church for several years. Their new son, Angela Joseph, was baptized on Sunday. (more…)

Moru Judith »

Just received into our membership, Moru Judith became a Christian and was baptized into the Church of Uganda. She is the wife of another of our members, Lomilo Paul. Pray that she would faithfully attend prayers; pray that she would raise her new daughter, Lokol Josephine, to love Christ. Pray that her faith would not fail.

Lomilo Paul »

On this edition of the Sears Portrait Studio, we present Lomilo Paul. Our friend Lomilo comes to us from nearby town Namalu where he is a shopkeeper.  (more…)

Lokwii Paul »

Lokwii Paul, known usually as Omena (little fish), is our pastoral translator and ministry assistant. He translates the Sunday worship service into Nakarimojong as well as teaching in many of our nearby villages. (more…)

Luomo Paul »

Luomo is a slasher (read landscape maintenance technician) for our mission. He came from our nearby trading center, Namalu, to stay in the village of Muroasia. From there, he came to hear preaching at Nakaale congregation, and—convinced he was a sinner—wanted to know, in his words, “how can a sinner be removed from his sin?” (more…)