Canoes Needed!

The day after I posted a blog about the dry season, it started raining and hasn’t stopped. In twenty-four hours last week, we got six inches of rain. As you might imagine, streams turned into rivers, rivers turned into torrents and fields turned into flood plains. There were screams in the village about Noah’s flood as water began seeping up through the ground in people’s homes. A new waterway ripped straight through the mission workshop. A sink hole opened up surrounding the church latrine causing one side to sink a foot into the ground. Bridges have gone out to the north, south and west of us. Planted fields were washed away, other produce has rotted on the vine. Our mulberry bushes have exploded with fruit. This week the days have been sunny. The rains come in the afternoon and I’m never sure what to expect. I’m thankful every time for a roof over my head, and a dry place to sleep. I love listening to the rain patter or pound our iron sheet roof, but I can no longer revel in its music as it also reminds me of those so near who lack such simple pleasures.

In the midst, the four wheel drive went out on our vehicle. As the roads get muddier, the stubborn bus and marble transport trucks continue to churn it up. Christopher went down country on Monday, spur of the moment in an attempt to take advantage of a dry afternoon to get it fixed and run other errands in town. Thankfully he reached without major mishap. It looks like we’ll need our four wheel drive and diff locks this season!

Pray for us as we navigate transportation of people and goods. Pray for our neighbors as they live in mud and thatch houses, little consolation against the constant rain. Pray for their fields and next year’s food supply. The Lord knows what we need and is faithful to provide it. May we all cling to Him.

Posted by: Chloe on May 30, 2018 @ 3:52 pm
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  1. Praying for all you precious brothers and sisters of every nation.

    Comment by Eileen Scipione — May 30, 2018 @ 8:55 pm

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